Deliver us from self-isolation

Amid the panic and upheaval caused by coronavirus, one curious group of people are benefitting: home food delivery service drivers.

Food delivery drivers have never been happier. Photo: Melissa Sheil.

With many grocery stores sold out of essentials, supermarket giants halting their home delivery services and restaurants now considered by some unsafe, people in self isolation are opting to use UberEats, Menulog and Deliveroo for their meals.

Though ‘bums on seats’ in restaurants have decreased dramatically, takeaways are flourishing according to the Restaurant and Catering Association.

Some previously busy restaurant strips are now struggling. Photo: Melissa Sheil.

Anton, a driver for food delivery service Menulog, admitted his work for the company has been better and more stable than ever.

“It’s good pay but just so inconsistent. It’s usually hard to keep it as my main gig because I can’t be sure when I’ll be earning money next,” he said.

“The last week or so has been crazy though, I’ve had to turn down delivery jobs because it’s been constant … my phone’s been going off every couple of minutes.

“I do feel a bit guilty for enjoying it so much because I know it’s only result of a bad thing that I’m getting so much business.”

Plenty of restaurants which have never used home delivery services are beginning to register to the platforms, if a bit unwillingly.

Mirko Silvestri of Lupolab in Mount Hawthorn said businesses need to be creative during this time.

Lupolab in Mount Hawthorn has been working smarter to keep customers. Photo: Melissa Sheil.

“We never really wanted to use Uber eats but in this moment of emergency, we want to keep providing food to our customers as well as keeping them safe,” he said.

“Our number of customers have decreased quite a lot, it’s a much quieter street outside, we’ve been quite heavily affected.

“I come from Italy, I have my Mama and business in Rome. I know just how hard it is to be in this situation. [Australia] is lucky, we haven’t got it that bad yet but we need to listen to our leaders and stay safe.”

Mirko Silvestri from Lupolab. Video: Melissa Sheil.