Honouring from home

After cancellation announcements on Tuesday, other ways to commemorate ANZAC Day have spread widely across Australia on social media.

The circulating social media post encouraging Australians to commemorate veterans whilst in self isolation. Photo: ANZACS Live facebook page

The Facebook page ‘Aussies & Kiwis for ANZACS‘ has been created to encourage Australians to hold their own Dawn Service at home.

‘Aussies & Kiwis for ANZACS’ administrator and former navy able seaman Ashleigh Leckie said encouraging Australians to hold a moment of silence on their own driveways is a fantastic way to still commemorate ANZAC’s and current ADF.

“It was just something that really lit a fire in my heart,” she said.

Ashleigh Leckie speaking about the importance of commemorating to individuals.

Pipe Bands Australia announced on Tuesday their own way to pay tribute on ANZAC Day.

Pipe Bands Australia president Chris Earl said they were encouraging pipers across Australia to play ‘Amazing Grace’ at 11am from their own homes.

“In pipe bands it’s always been one of those non-negotiable aspects of performance that you’re there on ANZAC day because it’s honouring so many in the pipe band movement who have served Australia in times of war and peace,” he said.

Mr Earl said it was important to commemorate and say thanks for those of the past and future, regardless of where it was done.

“That’s why we are encouraging our pipers wherever they are [to play] so that that message of hope and thanks is still there, not just for ANZAC day, but for life generally at this moment.”

Chris Earl explaining the importance of Pipe Bands in ANZAC commemorations.

Fremantle City RSL sub branch president Rob Cashman encouraged having multiple ways too commemorate.

“I think it’s a wonderful initiative that shows a true reflection of the Australian people,” he said.

Ms Leckie said, despite it not being a social community event, it was important for commemorations to still take place at home.

“The standing out in the driveway for a minute’s silence is going to be something that will stay with Australia for the rest of time,” she said.

“We won’t let a virus stop us.”