Costco Wholesale opened in Perth this morning. Photo: Ned Rowsthorn.

Discount retail giant Costco officially launched in Perth this morning, with crowds lining up hours before its 8am opening.

The endless line of buyers comes after nationwide panic buying in response to the ever present COVID-19 virus that is devastating economies around the world.

Costco was forced to forgo its ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the big day in favour of accommodating the flood of customers.

Eager customers, who formed a line which stretched one and a half times the warehouse length, were adamant to be able to see all the warehouse has to offer.

Business owner Jan Catchen, who had been waiting in line for two hours, said it was business interest which brought her down to the grand opening.

“Curiosity (brings me to Costco) and I also own a business, so we’re always looking for new supplies.”

Jan also admitted it was also the lack of much sought after toilet paper in other stores which brought her down as well.

“Well, I need toilet paper because I own a business and I have clients who come in.”

Part of the two hour wait line at Costco. Photo: Ned Rowsthorn.

The mega warehouse is stocked with seemingly infinite items, and even with the large numbers of shoppers, didn’t appear to be running out of anything any time today at least.

Costco has much to offer, whether it be general food shopping, home improvement items, jewellery, and even a tennis court starting at $25,999.99.

Managing director of Costco Australia, Patrick Noone says despite the large crowds, people have been surprisingly well behaved.

“(They are) the most well-behaved people on the planet, it’s been fantastic.”

If these scenes are any indication, Costco shouldn’t expect a dip in cliental any time soon.

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