What can Kelly do for the Eagles in 2020 and beyond?

Source: AFL

High profile Eagles fan Daniel Williams said he is excited for the 2020 season to see how new recruit Tim Kelly will grow West Coast’s midfield while also providing a challenge to opposition sides.

Kelly was officially welcomed into the club yesterday with a six-year contract, following a long period of discussion between the two clubs.

The former Geelong forward and midfielder’s long awaited move to the Eagles has seen him return home to WA, to join his partner and three children.

Geelong are set to gain picks 14, 24, 37 in this year’s AFL National Draft, and the Eagles number one choice in next year’s AFL National Draft in exchange for Kelly going west.

Williams, who’s a popular member of the Eagles cheer squad, said Kelly is full of talent for the level he’s at.

“He is an A- Grade midfielder even though he’s only been around for two years in the competition, but he’s shown over that two years how good a player he is and can be, and the scary part about it is there’s still growth to his game.”

Mr Williams said Kelly will be able to perform multiple roles on the ground which will in turn aid the current playing squad.

“To have Tim as that extra midfielder and also a goal-kicking midfielder, it relieves pressure off the other boys as well.”

Kelly will be able to cover multiple roles on the ground during a game.
Photo: Joshua Clarke.

882 6PR and Channel Nine sports journalist Jimmy Williams said the Eagles will remain a strong side with the combination of their good form and the addition of Tim Kelly at the start of next season.

“They got pretty close this year, they won a flag last year, so adding a little bit of class, Tim Kelly who’s only been in the AFL two years has already proven that he’s a pretty good player and he’s only going to make their midfield better.”

Although the Eagles have needed to make sacrifices to add Kelly to their ranks, Jimmy says it wasn’t in vain.

“West Coast had to give up a fair bit to get him, but I think it’s probably worth it given the type of player he’s proven to be at Geelong in his first two years in the AFL.”

Jimmy’s confident that with the help of the coaching staff, Kelly will be given an important role to play in the side.

“Adam Simpson’s a clever coach and a lot of their line coaches are pretty clever too, so I’ve got no doubt they’ll find a role for Tim. Whether that’s on the ball, on the wing, or rotating onto the ball from the forward line.”

He says he doesn’t expect the young gun to go anywhere anytime soon.

“I would be shocked if Tim Kelly ever played after another AFL club on the back of that deal and all the money that he signed for, so I think he’ll be a West Coast Eagles player for a very long time”.