WMF Mini World Cup reaches thrilling final

Langley Park will come alive tonight for the 2019 MiniFootball World Cup semi-finals. 

Hungary are going up against Brazil at 5pm followed by Romania taking on Mexico at 7pm.

Thirty two nations with a total of 700 players total have competed with eight 50-minute games being played during the day.

Australia was recently knocked out by Romania just falling short to advance to the semi-finals.  

Food and Drink Stall at the Stadium Photo: Nigel Smith.

On the installed artificial grass, the stadium has lots of activities to keep everyone entertained during the school holiday period with food and beverage areas for spectators during the game intermissions. 

Oceania Minifootball Federation (OMF) President Miguel Maron says the event has allowed countries to show off their football teams’ prowess while also allowing people of different backgrounds to come and support their team in a live atmosphere. 

“It has been fantastic, it has been pretty multicultural … there was a lot of people coming from overseas,” he said. 

“But also there was a lot of people coming from the east coast to just watch this event.

“I actually was not aware of [that] but doing all these events and meeting all these people who have comments on our page saying they just came from the east coast to just watch this event don’t regret it, they enjoyed it, they loved it which is pretty good and we’re happy that we can bring tourism into Perth,” he said. 

With such interest from the eastern states Miguel is hopeful that the success of this world cup may help in the talks of an established state and national leagues with countries like Asia.

“We’re talking about creating state leagues and national leagues about this minifootball and obviously with this bringing in international events because we’re going to merge with Asia,” he said.

“Merging with Asia will be able to bring international friendly games or even official games to play against people like Thailand, Japan, China and Indonesia.”

The finals and playoffs will be Friday followed by the closing ceremony. 

If you cannot get to the any of the future games but would still like to show support, you can watch the games live on the WMF World Cup website also.

Romania doing last minute preparations for their semi-final tonight. Video: Nigel Smith.

The next world cup will be held in Kiev, Ukraine in 2021, with hopes of more countries entering the competition. 

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