New waste concept a clear loser

The new “Face Your Waste” campaign is facing a backlash from residents after it was announced that 20 clear bins would be delivered to the chosen neighbourhoods next week.

The eight-week trial by the Mindarie Regional Council, which deals with waste from several local government areas, is designed to encourage people to reduce their amount of waste.

The campaign is due to take place in Joondalup, Perth, Stirling, Vincent, Wanneroo, Cambridge, and Victoria Park. The 20 bins will be rotated to different areas each week.

Stirling resident Kenti Wilson said the campaign was unlikely to change people’s attitudes towards recycling.

“People just don’t care, and it’s those ones who are creating the problem,” she said.

“I won’t be participating because I know what I’m recycling, and no one else needs to know.

“I think more money should go towards more soup kitchens for the homeless, or something along those lines.”

Other concerns raised by individuals on social media include the impact that the trial will have on street appeal, as well as concerns over theft and privacy.



Meanwhile, Wanneroo resident Michael Richardson said he wouldn’t participate.

“A large majority of people will think it’s a waste of time,” Mr Richardson said.

“I know how much recycling I’m doing. I don’t need a likely expensive trial to know that.

“I’d rather the funds go into making my tap water drinkable, so I don’t have to keep buying bottled water.”

Mindarie Regional Council chief executive Gunther Hoppe told Community News the campaign would force people to confront the amount of waste they produced.

“The idea behind the clear bins is so people can’t ignore what is going in their bin,” Mr Hoppe said.

“They can see how full their neighbour’s bin is and start a conversation about how they reduce their waste.”

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