Flying Scotsman takes on student night

A Perth DJ wants to bring a younger crowd to the Flying Scotsman on Wednesday nights.

Square One Promotions founder Alex Taylor-Vivian said he wanted to help the Mt Lawley pub get back to its popularity of a few years ago.

“The Scotto [Scotsman] used to be the place to be. Four to five years ago, it was busy almost every day and was everyone’s local pub.” Taylor-Vivian said.

Before Taylor-Vivian’s arrival, attempts to boost the club’s popularity by rebuilding it from scratch proved unsuccessful.

Taylor-Vivian said he wanted to take a different approach to help attract bigger numbers.

“I took it upon myself to try and run a few events [in the past] but they were not successful,” he said.

Square One Promotions

Taylor-Vivian is now determined to help the Flying Scotsman become a bigger part of Mt Lawley’ nightlife. He is focusing on attracting a younger crowd.

“I want to do this Wednesday night weekly student night gig thing as a stepping stone to making it the busiest place in Mt Lawley, like it once was.” Taylor-Vivian said.

He said a student night would bring a more diverse crowd.

“I am doing this by being extremely flexible via song choice and plans for the events,” he said.

Mount Lawley local Sheila Robinson said the change would be great for the Scotsman.

“It will help bring vibrancy to Mt Lawley in the form of perhaps, shopping or eating.” Ms Robinson said.

Square One play sets at venues all over Perth and are pictured here playing Easter @ The Market Grounds.