Community groups help aid rental crisis

A rental shortage in Perth has turned into a crisis with middle-aged women in particular struggling to find affordable accommodation in the south-eastern suburbs.

Wendy Morris from Ageing On the Edge WA, who was on the brink of homelessness, facilitated a community group of single, older women to help each other find secure and affordable accommodation.

This project was funded by the Department of Communities and Connect Victoria Park to help aid and guide these women to safe and sufficient housing.

Perth building skyline: Photo. Credit: Google Images Creative Commons licence.

A dozen women have participated in the group project, with four women able to find accommodation in community and social housing.

In the clip below, Chantal Caruso from Shelter WA says services that can help in this rental crisis are greatly appreciated.

She says there is a growing desperation around this demographic in finding affordable and safe homes in Perth.

Luke Garswood, CEO of Connect Victoria Park, says many organisations are currently experiencing an influx of people needing guidance to find a rental.

“Not only are landlords taking the opportunity to raise rent by large amounts, but some seem willing to sacrifice existing good tenants to profit from this opportunity.”

Mark Glasson from Anglicare says that WA is economically challenged and facing a major problem.

“WA is experiencing a two-speed economy and a growing divide.”

“We’re facing a genuine crisis if not catastrophe,” he says.

Anglicare has four main policy asks for this housing issue. They are increasing Jobseeker and related payments; more stable and secure tenancies; an increase in housing supply of at least 15,000 social housing dwellings and 2000 subsidised private rentals.

Mr Garswood says the community group is continuing to be supported and is open for older single women to join and help the cause as well as receive support from other stressed victims.

Infographic. Credit: Talia Pieri