Reduce, reuse…

National Recycling Week is raising awareness about how to be eco-friendlier in schools and the community with many organisations involved in making a difference.

Planet Ark’s 25th annual National Recycling Week is running from November 9-15.

A year on from the fire that burnt down Cleanaway South Guildford Material Recovery Facility on November 25, 2019, recycling week is more relevant than ever.

One of the biggest recycling plants closed down due to fire damage in 2019 and it is still closed. Photo: Zoe Ostler

Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council Waste Education Officer Shayde Holbrey said community change could have a much bigger and faster impact, however, small changes from individuals were helpful.

Ms Holbrey said people should “celebrate their small wins, whether that’s remembering to bring your reusable bags to the shop, buying produce without excessive plastic packaging, or occasionally walking or cycling to work”.

Eco Action empowers the community to be proactive when it comes to the environment by providing education to schools and social media.

Eco Action director Lora Flora said it was important to reduce our consumption of waste and avoid waste at first instance to make a bigger difference.

“Recycling is important, but as per the waste hierarchy, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, more emphasis should be made on reducing and reusing materials,” she said.

She added the new Containers for Change scheme has motivated young people to recycle and pick up litter, an effect also seen in other states.

“The 10-cent refund is a great way to gain pocket money, for young kids especially,” Ms Flora said.

Madison Quick and Mia Quick are two girls from Quinns Rocks who created their own business in early October to collect local bottles, earn some money and help the environment.

Shelley Brice and her daughters, Madison and Mia, are working together to make a positive change in their local community. Photo: Zoe Ostler

Their mother Shelley Brice said she was proud of the girls and they had collected from around five people in the neighbourhood already.

“I want to help them think of the bigger picture and make a positive contribution to the community,” Ms Brice said.

The twins post advertisements on the Facebook community page to spread awareness of their good cause. Photo: Supplied.

Recycling awareness and being environmentally friendly does not stop at recycling week.

Ms Holbrey said sharing resources, networking, curiosity and getting involved were all steps we coulds take to collectively improve our environmental impact.

Ms Flora and the Eco Action team also highlighted the impact of our diet on greenhouse gases.

“Reducing one’s intake of dairy and meat products will significantly lower your carbon footprint,” she said.

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