Taste of Perth opens for business

The Taste of Perth food festival got under way at Langley Park today, but the weather simply wasn’t playing ball.

Asado Pig

Pig head at the Asado stall. Photo: Caelie Jones.

With patchy showers expected across the weekend, festival organisers can take heart in the fact it’s still likely to be better than it was during last year’s festival, which was hit by heavy rains for the whole weekend.

Taste of Perth senior marketing executive Aimee Hopkins said she expected more than the 11,000 people who came to last year’s festival.

“We’re aiming for 16,000 visitors this year and, provided the weather holds, which I think the forecast is looking okay this year, we should achieve that,” Ms Hopkins said.

The response from Taste of Perth patrons who spoke to Western Indpendent was positive, but many were worried about the rain.

“There’s a great selection of eateries, although I think if the weather is really dismal, people will think twice about being outdoors,” Ron Raju said.

Lucinda Peters said the organisers should consider holding the festival earlier in the year to increase the chances of having good weather.

“The food has been really good though, and we’ve been really enjoying what they’ve got available,” she said.

The event is open to anyone over the age of 18, and Ms Hopkins said it brought together a variety of Perth restaurants.

“We bring in Perth’s latest, greatest and hottest restaurants and make them accessible to everybody,” Ms Hopkins said.

The festival is on for three days, from Friday to Sunday, for both lunch and dinner sessions.

Print Hall

Visitors outside the Print Hall and Asado stalls. Photo: Caelie Jones.


James Squire

James Squire stall. Photo: Caelie Jones.


The weather earlier this afternoon. Photo: Caelie Jones.

Tenille Dartnall and Stephanie O'Brien

Tenille Dartnall and Stephanie O’Brien. Photo: Caelie Jones.

Katie Lewis Anna Di Giorgio

Katie Lewis and Anna Di Giorgio. Photo: Caelie Jones.

Sarah Driscoll

Sarah Driscoll. Photo: Caelie Jones.


Haute dog from Maille

$100 Haute Dog from Maille Mustard. Photo: Caelie Jones.