Tensions ‘high’ between Rebels and Coffin Cheaters


Det-Insp. Mark Fyfe. Photo: Esther O’Loughlin.

Police have identified rising tensions between the Rebels and Coffin Cheaters bikie gangs in the wake of the Banksia Grove shootings on Tuesday night.

Mitchell Finnerty, 23, died in hospital after being shot outside a house in Cassia Link about 10.30pm.

A 53-year-old man was also shot in the leg and his 24-year-old son was shot in the arm.

Major Crime Squad Det-Insp. Mark Fyfe said the fight started over property, at which point gang members were not involved.

“There was a dispute involving property that wasn’t involving gang members, a confrontation commenced which then involved gang members,” he said.

“[The argument] involved two people, one person at the house and one person came to the house.

“There was a number of people at the house… the actual number of people involved I’m not sure.

“Do I have an actual suspect at this time? No I don’t.”

Det-Insp. Fyfe said two semi-automatic handguns were used, and eight shots were fired.

“I’m still trying to establish who fired the shots. I know both gangs were present and I know tensions are now heightening between them because of what’s happened,” Det-Insp. Fyfe said.

He also said Mr Finnerty and the two injured men were not involved in the initial argument.

“Tragically, Mr Finnerty, a 23-year-old father has lost his life for something that he was originally not involved in, but became involved in,” Det-Insp. Fyfe said.

The two injured men have been released from Royal Perth Hospital but are not talking to the police.

“I do not believe the offenders are a threat to the community, as members of the public are not involved in the dispute,” Det-Insp Fyfe said.

Police also confirmed the involvement of a burnt-out Audi, which was later found in Sinagra.

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