Funding call for ‘overcrowded’ depot

The Joondalup State Emergency Services Unit has backed the city’s application for funding to upgrade the local depot following claims working conditions were ‘unsafe’.

Joondalup SES local manager Bill Hansen said the depot was not unsafe, but it was overcrowded.

“The workplace just can’t handle the volume of people.”

The Joondalup premises were built in 1984 and was originally designed for 35 workers, but numbers have since expanded to 61 with a further 45 volunteers expected to join this year.

Mr Hansen said some drills had to be performed outside, causing an inconvenience to volunteers.

SES volunteer Greg Cook said the growth in population had provided more work for the SES.

“We want to be able to meet the expectations of the community,” Mr Cook said.

Joondalup councillors have already approved the construction loan, which is estimated at $824, 000.

But funds will need to be raised to cover the cost of non-construction work.