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AFL. No other sport evokes as much passion in this country like this game does.

After all, on average it’s one of the most watched sports in the world (one of only five professional sporting leagues that average more than 30,000 spectators per game). Currently it sits third behind the NFL (USA) and Bundesliga (Germany). Not bad for a country with such a small population in comparison.

Naturally, a game with such a huge following will always require an abundance of news coverage.

It’s appropriate, then, that the best site to access all the latest news and views is based in Victoria, the spiritual home of the game.

I’m talking about the Herald Sun, the website equivalent of Australia’s highest circulating daily newspaper.  There are a number of reasons – I’ll list two here – that make the HUN stand out from the rest.

Ease of access

There’s a reason that the HUN maintains a permanent spot in my highly competitive Firefox tabs list.

When I enter the site, I want to know the latest news on what’s going on around the league: who’s getting traded where; which coach will be sacked; and just who threw that damn tennis ball that crippled Josh Kennedy.

Just last week on the site, there was a rumour that the first player had signed with new club GWS. Before any other site, the HUN named the player (Phil Davis from Adelaide) and had quotes from Adelaide’s football manager. 

Compared to most other AFL news sites, it’s a simple process to get the news I want, when I want it, which really sets the HUN apart from the rest.

Good journalists

It could be said that a news site is only as good as its writers. This is why I prefer the HUN to its main rival The Age and other sites.

I far prefer the opinion of such writers as Mike Sheahan to those at The Age (Caroline Wilson, Robert Walls etc.) because they are far less biased towards their own teams and report fairly and accurately without fail.

Trust is a big thing when deciding which news site to access regularly; so when I read a story on the HUN, I tend to believe it.

Final say

As far as reporting on AFL goes, no site is better.

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