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Sky News is my favourite national news website. Actually, wait I think ABC might just hold that title. Yep, ABC is my favourite…if only because I check the news and catch up with last week’s episode of Angry Boys at the same time!

Seriously though, Sky News has the online news game on lock. Their presentation is fantastic, the headlines are clear and concise and it is so easy to navigate around the page.

They have used a minimalistic approach to presenting the news and not once does it feel cluttered or overloaded with ads. Local online news sites, take note!

The integration between the videos and written stories are seamless as well. The quality of journalism is of high standard because Sky is an international corporation, similar to the BBC.

I would seriously consider using Sky News Australia as my main source of local news because they feature a great state divided local section that is much more organised than any of our sites!

ABC News is brilliant also, with a neat layout and is definitely a valuable news source.

One of the best things about the ABC is you can view reports that screened on their nightly news.

I quite like this option as I can scan through and select the news I want to watch in an informative and well-put together package.

I prefer watching the ABC nightly bulletin if I get a chance to catch one, so this is good news for me!

Usually the photos included are iconic regarding the related story and of a high standard.

This standard is also carried across into the quality of the journalism. Bottom line is: I trust the ABC for all my news and information.

I have to give credit to Sky News though; they are serious competition for the ABC especially with their brilliant design.

Google will forever be my homepage when I open my Internet browser, but if I ever feel like a change (not likely), Sky will be an adequate substitute!


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