Brazilian writer shines in cyberspace


Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho, best known for his bestseller The Alchemist, has a blog! Coelho’s blog, updated three days a week, shares his thoughts, book suggestions and links to other interesting material.

The layout is very simple, with content going all the way down the webpage, followed by links to “interesting things”, a forum and browsing posts by month (going all the way back to April 06!).

Apart from photos posted up, the blog is black and white without any real distracting aspect, allowing you to focus on what he has to write. To the right of the webpage is an option to translate the blog to 30 languages, which I think is a really, really cool tool (except when I changed it to some other language that wrote in weird characters; but refreshing the page refreshes the language too).

I quite enjoy the content and layout of this blog and have a look on it now and then when I’m bored, need some wisdom or just feel like reading something good.

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