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Emma Bergmeier is an incredibly talented fashion journalist and blogger based in Western Australia. Her blog is nothing short of AMAZING. It has to be equal first with Facebook in terms of my favourite websites.

Although not a typical news and information site, I still consult it for fashion inspiration on a nearly daily basis. You can look at ideas for anything from casual lunch dates to black tie gala balls.

Have a look at the current first page and check out the diversity:

Another thing that is great about this site is that you can look at stylists’ work based on your favourite type of blogs. These are three for my current favourite blog collections as featured on this site:



This site’s usefulness is based on personal preference. I love fashion and therefore this site could not be more relevant and interesting for me. However for someone who is not interested in fashion, this site would be an absolute waste of time.

In saying that, it is one of the best fashion blogs around in my opinion and therefore if you love fashion, do yourself a favour and CHECK IT OUT!

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