Stone Siblings at Twilight for new concert venue in Red Hill


AUSTRALIAN folk duo Angus and Julia Stone were the first act to perform at Perth’s newest entertainment venue, the Red Hill Auditorium, on Saturday night.

Found in the rolling hills of Perth, off Toodyay road, the auditorium is a 5000-person capacity, multipurpose and open air venue, which will host musicians, movies and other events.

The laidback amphitheatre was the perfect setting for the opening act with Angus commenting on the beautiful backdrop of the city skyline comparing it to “glowing embers of a fire.”

The venue complemented the duo’s style with its evident serenity and intimacy, and superb sound quality and lighting. Angus and Julia Stone’s performance was a mixture of old favourites and new material including “I Want To Live Here”, an emotional ballad that previously had not been performed in public, which silenced close to 5,000 fans.

Concertgoer Lauren Schorer praised the new venue, describing the setting as what made it a memorable night.

“It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The venue was awesome because of the intimacy and the great views of the skyline.”

With the venue neighbouring John Forrest National Park, and being so isolated, the quality of the facilities were questioned. But Red Hill did not disappoint by providing numerous toilets and high-quality food and beverage outlets, convincing patrons, especially Ms Schorer, that the owners did indeed have a background in the hospitality industry.

“The facilities were really good, I was worried…. about what the toilets were going to be like because it was just up in the bush, but it was really good,” she said.

The isolation of the venue allows for a more intimate show and the location being outside the metro area means no noise restrictions and acts can play past 10pm, unlike Subiaco’s Paterson’s Stadium and East Perth’s Members Equity.

The lack of a Transperth influence was clear due to overwhelming traffic on Toodyay road; however, the difficulty of accessibility was counteracted by a shuttle service, which would pick up concertgoers from 14 iconic pubs around Perth.

Ms Schorer insisted on the need for a public transport service to give punters more alternatives and reduce traffic chaos.

The venue is already generating favourable hype in the industry, with Red Hill hosting Paul Kelly and Neil Finn for an Anzac day concert.  Interview on Red Hill Auditorium

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