Beauties to box in charity battle


IT’S not every day you see two beautiful female models put on boxing gloves, protective head gear, and jump into a boxing ring – but it’s all in the name to raise money for children’s charities.

The Royal Queensbury Corporate Challenge – commonly known as White Collar Boxing – is back for its fourth year, and promises to be the biggest and best yet.

Some of Perth’s most well-known faces will front the night’s celebrity boxing black tie event, with the highly anticipated fight between Miss Universe Australia 2010 second runner-up Lia Tapper and local socialite Samantha Schoers one not to be missed.

The beauties will battle it out for ultimate supremacy in the annual fundraiser at the Grand Ballroom at Burswood Entertainment Complex on 6 May.

But Miss Universe Australia finalist Lia Tapper said the evening is not all about swinging punches, she admits if the charity component wasn’t tied to the event, she wouldn’t be jumping into the ring.

“When you know you’re doing something for a good cause, it backs up your reasoning as to why you’re doing it,” she said. “I wanted to take up the challenge and do it for that reason.”

The 20 brave corporate boxers are currently undertaking a rigorous 10-week training regime at The Ring in Northbridge to get them in shape for the big event.

Boxing coach Joe Capelinha said the boxing challenge means a lot to him.

“I like the idea that all these corporate guys are getting in the ring and get to experience the feeling of winning or losing,” he said. “And the main part is the charity, getting money out there where it’s needed.”

Local socialite Samantha Schoers said she’s looking forward to the big night, with her sight firmly set on winning the belt.

“I’m very headstrong and extremely competitive. I don’t like to lose,” she said. “It should be a good fight but let’s face it, I do want to win.”

Other bouts include Masterchef contestant Josh Catelano and Bar One owner Steve Scaffidi, Wildcat Nic Lackovic taking on lawyer Tom Hunter, and Kooey swimwear designer Nikki Silverthorne will go head-to-head with local model Jacqui Carroll.

All proceeds from the night will go to ToyBox International, a charity dedicated to raising funds for Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children.  Interview of boxing contestants

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