Short film success on the silver screen


IMAGINE getting your short film shown in a huge cinema in front of hundreds of people. Curtin film students Markus Hermansen and Kjetil Astrup can.

It’s over a month ago, but the two Norwegian boys still get chills when they think back on the night in Fremantle Cinema. “It was the greatest night of my life. People were so impressed with us I almost couldn’t believe it.”

With more than 500 people two nights in a row, you may call it a success. That was a number they didn’t even dream of.

“We had to be realistic, and dreamt of … 200 people. When the first night sold out in just a few weeks, we couldn’t really believe what happened. So we crossed our fingers and dated another show-night,” Kjetil said.

Also the second night was filled to its full capacity. What surprised the crew most was how moved everyone was.

After the movie was over, people they did not know came over and said how thankful they were that someone had told this story.

“When people you don’t know walk up to you, cries and thank you for telling that specific story, it does something to you. It was unbelievable,” Kjetil added.

“Restare Uniti” is now set to have another show-night. This time it will be in Bunbury where parts of the film were recorded and where many Australian-Italian people lived and still live.

“After speaking to many Italians when we recorded the film, we think it may be a lot of people up there who want to see how it became in the end. Nothing is planned yet, though,” Markus says.

People seem to be interested in this untold history. But having three screenings isn’t really enough for these guys.

With such good feedback on the short film, they have now sent it to a whole range of short movie festivals throughout the whole world.

“We really just thought, ‘why not give it a shot’. I don’t think we have got anything to lose. So if we’re lucky we might attend the film festival where I grew up in Norway, in a place called Grimstad. This is the biggest short film festival in Scandinavia, so attending that would have been an awesome opportunity for us,” Kjetil says.

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