St Patrick's Day celebrations


Thousands of People flocked to Rosie O’Grady’s Bar in Northbridge to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

A young man enjoys the celebrations.

St Paddy’s day”, as it is often referred to, is the Irish religious holiday created in order to remember Ireland’s most famous saint, Patrick, who (according to legend) is best known for banishing all snakes from Ireland.

Rosie O’Grady’s, one of Perth’s few Irish bars and the only such outlet in Northbridge, took up the responsibility of holding the event again this year.

Celebrations went on both inside the bar itself and in a fenced area of James Street, which helped to accommodate for the many extra people.

The evening kicked off at 8pm and went on well into the early hours of the morning, with people from all around the globe coming to celebrate the Irish national day that has become synonymous with green hats and Guinness.

There were assorted alcohol and food selling points across the bar to ensure that the food and drink was flowing freely throughout the night and despite running out of some drinks early, the majority of patrons seemed satisfied.

A large tent had been erected over a stage, where traditional Irish music was preformed throughout the night to ensure that no-one forgot the origins of the festivity.

One man who attended the event was Layne Longbottom, who said: “It was a great night; I celebrate St Patrick’s Day here every year and it just keeps getting better and better”.

“I actually started the night at the Curtin University Tavern and got here once that closed,” Mr Longbottom continued, “but this place is on a whole other level”.

Asked if he had any direct Irish ancestry, Mr Longbottom replied, “well everyone’s Irish on St Paddy’s day”.

The heavy security presence at the vent ensured that the night did not get too out of hand and although there were some minor security issues at the tail-end of the evening, the night ran with little disturbances.

Yet no matter the amount of security employed this year, or in years to come, could stop the night-long celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

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