Burlesque in Perth – a photo essay by Marijke Loosjes

This photo essay is looking at the local Burlesque scene in Perth. Burlesque has seen a comeback recently and all over the world a revival has begun with more and more troops being formed, Perth included. Quite common within this scene now are variety shows, which combine an array of acts such as fire twirling, musical acts, dance routines and juggling.

I personally know a few people from this scene not only as performers but also through the social sub-culture that Burlesque is a part of.

Burlesque acts, or performing to generalize is a personal interest of mine and I have attended many shows and constantly documented what I saw, not just the performances but the people who attend such shows, many of whom I know and are equally as fascinating.

With this photo essay I wanted to show the excitement, the beauty, the energy and to give an overall voice, feeling of this alternate, underground world. I wanted to show the performers, and also the people who are at these events because they are both vital components for this sort of scene to continue.

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