Gone with the Wind – a photo essay by Marit Nore

The powers of the wind and the ocean have changed the state of both my mind and body.

Gliding through glittering water, chasing the best waves and jumping up into the endless air. Playing in the water next to ocean creatures like dolphins, whales, sealions, turtles and seals. You don’t even notice that the scream that slowly disappears with the wind is your own, because you are overwhelmed with joy.

Kitesurfing is a water sport that uses the wind to pull the rider through the water. With only a kite and a board, the rider is able to reach high speeds and jump up to 30 meters above the water. Many kitesurfers are able to perform amazing acrobatics that will blow your mind. The sport started in the 1980’s and the popularity exploded after the millennium. The estimated number of kitesurfers in 2006 was approximately 150,000 to 210,000.

To most of us, kitesurfing becomes an addiction…

A huge crash in the water drowns all fears and worries. Time and place are blown away. Each day is determined by the wind, every travel destination is chosen because of the wind, and checking the live weather is an hourly routine. It is hard to make appointments because you never know what the wind will decide to do. My friends know it and my family know it; when the treetops start to whistle, I am gone.

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