Chocolate Obsession – a photo essay by Rosanna Candler

What is our obsession with chocolate? With the average Australian scoffing over 17kg per year, it’s no wonder the gluttonous term ‘chocoholic’ has become a mainstream confectionery conviction.

Maybe because it comes in so many different flavours and such inventive forms. From the Cadbury Dairy Milk Block to a Belgian truffle, chocolate has been paired with every kind of nut, every kind of booze and— now that we’re branching out with salt, chillies, wasabi and kiwi fruit— every kind of everything.

Or maybe it’s that familiar feeling when you put the first square in your mouth and it starts to melt against your tongue. Its sweet-cocoa bitterness envelopes, your tastebuds flare, and all you can think about is your next bite.

This is the journey of chocolate. How a truffle is rolled, how a figurine is decorated, how a block is poured and how a freckle is freckled. Surely you can work out for yourself how the journey ends.

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