Safety taking the wheel

Residents in Mount Lawley say they’re hopeful a notorious intersection will finally be upgraded.

The City of Stirling held a committee meeting last night to address resident’s concerns about the intersection on Central Avenue and Clifton Crescent.

The meeting comes after the local community voted in a public consultation where residents could vote for one of four potential safety “treatments” for the intersection.

The preferred choice was a modification to traffic islands to prohibit through and right turns.

Inglewood ward councillor David Lagan says requests for more information were submitted during the meeting.

“The council wanted more information about the flow of traffic, effects any treatment will have on traffic flow and recent crash statistics,” he says.

“The council will likely implement one of the proposed options, but the requested information has to be deliberated first.”

Inglewood resident Bec Nguyen says the community has been calling for action for years.

“You just need to jump on the local community Facebook page and you can see how many times people have reported accidents and near misses, so there’s a lot of advocacy behind this.”

Miss Nguyen says although it’s been a long time coming, she is happy the council is collaborating with the community to make changes.

“I think having this community consultation was really important because it means they didn’t just go and make a decision without hearing from the people who it affects the most,” she says.

Second in charge at Willing Coffee Zane Watson says there’s multiple crashes and near misses at the intersection every week.

“Especially during busy periods like holidays, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be a crash at this intersection,” he says.

“People just drive so recklessly through here, especially those coming from the residential areas that are either trying to cut across or turn right.”

Mr Watson says the intersection needs to be improved.

“It definitely needs to change, there’s always people sitting out the front of the café and at night it turns into a wine bar so there’s usually people here,” he says.

“I would hate to see a major accident where a car comes careening through the café, injuring customers and staff.”

Mr Lagan says the size of the intersection and nearby cafés and restaurants have increased traffic in the area.

“Because it’s four lanes wide, people often misjudge it and get hit because it does take a fair bit of time to get across,” he says.

Bec Nguyen is excited steps are being taken to make the intersection safer. Photo: Chloe Maher.

Miss Nguyen says she looks forward to hopefully seeing improved road safety if the council confirms the upgrade.

“It looks really promising that things are going to happen, which is great because at the heart of this, is the safety of pedestrians and motorists.”

The information requested from last night’s committee meeting will be presented in the next council meeting on May 30.

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