The silence of the songbirds

Wild populations of songbirds are at risk of both legal and illegal trading practices in Singapore, according to wildlife charities. The trade raises welfare, health and conservation concerns. It is believed up to 50 per cent or more of smuggled songbirds don’t survive transit.

Organisations such as the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society say they come across three or four cases a month related to attempts to poach wild birds in Singapore. However, large volumes of wild birds are also traded legally and illegally across borders in the region.

The sheer demand in Southeast Asia is impacting wild populations, and advocates are asking the Singapore government to do more to prevent songbird trade.

Jessica Rowe went to meet the songbird experts.

Video: Jessica Rowe.

The 2022 Curtin Journalism Singapore Study Tour was funded under the federal government’s New Colombo Plan scheme.

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