The chopping block

Trees of a rainforest in Singapore with high rise buildings imposing over them.
Singapore’s rainforests directly border many of the city-state’s high-density housing developments. Photo: Dylan Storer.

Tropical rainforests are some of the richest and most complex ecosystems in the world, but the need for new housing is putting pressure on many of Singapore’s remaining habitats.

With the most urban tree cover of 17 cities assessed globally, the country has long touted its green credentials and has branded itself as a city in nature.

Yet the urban fabric of modern Singapore continues to grow and some of its small but biodiverse rainforests are in danger of being cut down.

Dylan Storer investigates why these forests are special and the work being done to try and save them.

The 2022 Curtin Journalism Singapore Study Tour was funded under the federal government’s New Colombo Plan scheme.