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Radio Lollipop celebrated the 26th anniversary of TransPerth’s Uniform Free Day fundraiser yesterday.

Since 1995, TransPerth has raised more than $1.5 million in donations to keep Radio Lollipop running.

The non-profit radio program operates out of Perth Children’s Hospital, providing sick children with a nightly radio program where they can request their favourite songs and even get on air.

‘Help us support little heroes’ advertising on public transport for Uniform Free Day. Photo: Olivia Declerck.

TransPerth’s director corporate communication David Hynes says much has changed due to the pandemic, but the children’s needs remain the same.

“These sick children benefit greatly from the wonderful work Radio Lollipop does to bring a smile to their face and make them forget their problems for a short while,” he says.

Mr Hynes says he does not think COVID-19 will have impacted the donations this year.

“Our passengers are a very generous bunch and they always dig deep for Radio Lollipop Uniform Free Day.”

Radio Lollipop – which stands for Lots Of Love and Laughter In Places Of Pain – broadcasts to satellite sites in Kalgoorlie, Bunbury, Midland, Murdoch, Rockingham, Joondalup, Fiona Stanley and Armadale hospitals.

On March 17 each year, bus drivers and public transport authorities are encouraged to dress up to raise money.

Donations can be made on public transport on this day, but donations can be made online any other time.

Rhiannon Shine discusses why she loves volunteering for Radio Lollipop. Video: Olivia Declerck.

ABC journalist, Rhiannon Shine has been volunteering at Radio Lollipop since she was studying at university, and returned to the radio station when she moved back to Perth after spending some time in Tasmania.

“What I love about Radio Lollipop is the time you get to spend with kids, having fun out on the wards…playing games, cheering them up or just offering them company,” she says.

The volunteer workers visit the children in the wards to entertain them with creative activities such as drawing and colouring and fun games to lighten up their nights.

 “I usually head out to the wards because that’s where I feel like I can offer most and it’s where I enjoy going. That’s where I spend most of my time,” Ms Shine says.

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