Contending with consent

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has sparked discussion around Australia about consent, suggesting the creation of an app to record consent before sex.

He has since admitted the idea could be “terrible”, and the idea has received a lot of criticism.

Curtin University professor of social work Donna Chung says implementation of a consent app would not be helpful.

She says there is no way of guaranteeing the user of the app is providing consent, and could lead to more harm in the long run.

“The research generally shows tech facilitated abuse is increasing all the time,” Professor Chung says.

Professor Donna Chung explains how consent is easily ignored through technology.

Professor Chung says consent should not be something that’s hard to understand.

“Consent is something that can be something pretty straightforward. It’s not hard to read non-verbal behaviour,” she says.

“If someone’s unconscious, they’re not able to consent. It’s not that hard really.”

She suggests the “Tea Consent” YouTube video is an excellent way of explaining consent to those who still do not understand.

Consent can easily be explained through making someone a cup of tea. Infographic: Matthew Ellul

Sexual Health Quarters director of communications Rebecca Smith says she welcomes the discussion about consent in Australia.

She says the discussions about the commissioner’s app could be positive in increasing the overall awareness of consent.

We asked male Curtin students on their thoughts about a consent app. Video: Jack Stirling

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