The psychedelic renaissance

One in five people has depression in Australia. That’s 20 percent of our population suffering day-in and day-out. We know there’s help on hand but is there something more than pharmaceuticals and therapy?

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Image: Brianna Dugan.

Not-for-profit organisations like PRISM, MMA and the Australian Psychedelic Society are Australian-based and working towards the same end goal: legalising psychedelics for medicinal purposes.

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Image: Brianna Dugan.

Research and case studies are proving that psychedelics like psilocybin (magic mushrooms), LSD and DMT have medicinal benefits for people suffering with mental health illnesses.

Countries such as America and Europe are at the forefront of this research, with America potentially having MDMA legalised for medicinal purposes by 2021.

So where is Australia in all of this?

Welcome to the psychedelic renaissance.

Image: Brianna Dugan.

This series follows the psychedelic renaissance within Australia.

We will discover why psychedelic medicine is stuck in its schedule 9 classification and unable to enter the minds of those suffering from mental health disorders.

This episode introduces Dr. Stephen Bright, co-founder of PRISM Australia and senior lecturer of addiction at ECU.

Dr Bright will discuss his long journey with the renaissance, and what needs to be done for psychedelics to escape their negative stigma.

The question is not what, but how.

In this episode, PhD student of neuropsychopharmacology Mosh Meyers will explain how anti-depressants affect the brain, and the different types of treatment available for treatment-resistant patients.

In this episode, Operations manager of Mind Medicine Australia Ilan Hayman passionately discusses why Australia needs to do more for our people in the way of medicinal psychedelics.

Mental health is a global epidemic that can be alleviated.

In this video, users of psychedelic medications describe the benefits.

Survivors of mental health issues and trauma.