Thousands rally to adopt healthcare workers

West Aussies’ are throwing their support behind local healthcare workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Facebook page Adopt a Healthcare Worker has amassed more than 25,000 members within a week of being created.

The page created on March 14 by Perth man Chris Nicholas, aims to ‘adopt’ a healthcare worker and support them with any tasks while they work on the frontline.

Mr Nicholas said he decided to set up the page last Saturday after talking to a friend who is a nurse and couldn’t get hold of essential supplies.

“I thought I could help her to do that and then expand out to a few other friends who are doctors and nurses,” he said.

“I genuinely expected to only get 10 to 20 people join the page and I thought it would be a very small local group.”

Chris Nicholas discusses the growth of the Adopt a Healthcare Worker Facebook page.

Similar Facebook pages have also emerged nationally and internationally to help other healthcare workers outside of WA.

“There are regional groups in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria,” Mr Nicholas said.

“There’s a page starting in Texas, in the United States. There is a page in Canada.

“We have team members working with people in the United Kingdom.”

Local registered nurse Lisa Cooke received an overwhelming amount of support while in isolation with her kids after experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Registered Nurse Lisa Cooke discusses the support healthcare workers have received.

Ms Cooke said she had received offers to have groceries dropped off and meals made.

“I had a friend drop off some shopping and another friend drop off some meals,” she said.

“A lady from the community who I have never met before, is also dropping off some meals.

“That makes me quite emotional because it’s a lovely thing to do and it’s so nice that it’s being reflected right across the country now for all the healthcare workers to be receiving.”