Amateur footy clubs hit hard

Amateur league football clubs will struggle to keep sponsors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Curtin Wesley Football Club President Jesse Wilson says most of the club’s funding comes from sponsors.

Curtin Wesley Football Club has a potential new opponent in COVID-19. Photo: supplied.

“I guess it’s very lucky because we’ve got a huge number of sponsors.

“That is what supports our club more than anything else.”

Mr Wilson says if the whole season was cancelled they would be back next year.

“That may not be the case for all amateur sporting clubs,” he said.

Roleystone Tigers head coach James Greham says his club has been contacting their sponsors in the hope they will continue to support the club.

“Some may only want to sponsor us for half of the season.”

The WAFC has announced all amateur league and community Australian Rules Football games have been cancelled until May 31.

Roleystone Tigers head coach James Greham says the outcome of the last half of the season should be known by mid-June.

“We only got advice on Tuesday that there will be no training until the 31st of May.”

Mr Greham says it is highly likely players will drop out and the club will offer these players fee refunds.

“Our club and every club will suffer from players dropping out.

“There is a lot of players who won’t want to commit to half a season.

“A lot of factors influence people not to play,” he said.

Curtin Wesley Football club will also offer its players fee refunds, says President Jesse Wilson.

“When the season starts again we will make them pay then which is probably going to be a lesser amount.

“A lot of people have done lots of hard work for the last 20 to 30 years to makes sure that our club is secure so we can get through times like this,” he said.

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