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The State government has launched its biggest ever intrastate marketing campaign to promote WA tourism as the effects of coronavirus unfold.

The McGowan government has given $4.85 million to the campaign to get West Australians to holiday locally instead of looking overseas.   

The announcement comes as US President Donald Trump ordered an inbound travel ban on European travellers to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia has hinted the global pandemic could deliver benefits for WA tourism.

“If Western Australians took just one quarter of their usual overseas or interstate holidays in WA instead, it would mean more than half a million WA trips valued at $249 million for our local businesses,” he said.

“Now, more than ever, we need to dig in and support our local tourism industry and small businesses, who are feeling the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.”

Do it in WA calls upon local tourism businesses, hotels and tour companies to share their best holiday deals to entice holiday makers to travel WA.

The initiative aims to highlight Western Australia’s wide range of exciting experiences and destinations on offer.

Mr Papalia said there are plenty of affordable options for travellers to have valuable experiences across the state.

“Wherever people holiday in WA, they can have an amazing break while helping to support small businesses, local jobs and the state at large,” he said.  

WA Travel Consultant Kiara Palmeri hopes the government initiative will encourage West Australians to stay locally and not deter them from booking travel altogether.

“[Western Australia] has a lot more to offer than is promoted,” she said.

The hashtag #DoitinWA will be widely used on social media throughout the campaign with the government encouraging holidaymakers and businesses to get involved.

Local holiday sales and offers will be unveiled next week Friday via the website .

Liam Collins from Applecross and Ellie Bamber of Yokine discuss the new campaign.

WA Travel Consultant Kiara Palmeri talks about WA travel here:

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