Curtin students to join rally over climate change

Curtin Student Guild is helping organise another mass protest over climate change Friday at Elizabeth Quay.

Curtin Student Guild President Hana Arai says young people are concerned about the climate emergency.

Ms Arai says the student protest will coincide with an oil and gas conference being held in Perth.

“We want to put pressure on the attendees of the conference.

“The climate emergency is one of the biggest issues that is concerning young people today.

“We want get the broader message out to students who might be new to university about what risks there are with climate change and get more people involved in the movement,” she says.

Curtin Student Guild Secretary Lachy Lee. Photo: Guan Shen Png.

The secretary of Curtin Guild Lachy Lee says it is fair for people to choose not to come to the protest due to coronavirus concerns.

“I understand that some people might choose not to come, but I don’t have any concern about people participating.

“I find that usually people will still go because they are so passionate about the event,” Mr Lee says.

He says protesting can take different forms.

“You can join in on events like beach clean-ups, you can go and watch documentaries and learn about it [climate change] and tell people about it.

“There are a whole bunch of options that don’t involve physically striking,” Mr Lee says.

People from the organisation Uni Student For Climate Justice are staging the protest.

A poster for the climate strike. Photo supplied by Uni Students for Climate Justice.

To join the rally, students can take a free bus from Curtin campus at 10.15am on Friday.

The rally starts at 11am at Elizabeth Quay.