Replacements, refunds for dangerous washers

By: Orla Latawski, Elena Morabito

Samsung customers who are unable to provide a receipt for their faulty washing machines are being offered refunds worth half the value of their purchase.

The company recalled about 6600 washing machines over product faults which may cause electrical fires.

Although the 2010 – 2013 models have been under recall since April 2013, many customers were unaware of the problem until this week.

Samsung customer Colin Bacon said he had no idea his washing machine was being recalled until Samsung called him.

“They gave me three offers for the machine,” he said.

“One offer was $480 cash, the second offer was replacement of money if I had the receipt of what I originally bought it for and the third offer was a swap, that can be a brand new machine.”

This is not the first instance of Samsung issuing product recalls on its top loader washing machines.

Earlier this year, a class action law suit against the company resulted in a $6.55 million preliminary settlement.

The plaintiffs claimed they had been unaware of the problem and had missed out on a refund before the closing date.

A representative from Samsung customer service said there was no end date in place for the recall of 2010-2013 top loader machines.