Rebels just want ‘tea and truth’

By: Bella Kitchen and Louise Miolin

Police have arrested two climate protesters outside the offices of Seven West Media this morning after they attempted to meet with senior editor, Anthony De Ceglie.

Roughly 50 members of climate action group Extinction Rebellion brought tea, cake and costumes to peacefully voice their concerns about the reporting of climate change.  

Extinction Rebellion protesters outside Newspaper House on Tuesday.
Photo: Bella Kitchen

Tensions rose as police officers directed Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Jesse Noakes into their vehicle after he attempted to enter the building.

Mr Noakes had tried to contact Mr De Ceglie to discuss the future of climate reporting, but said he received no answer.

Mr Noakes said he was charged with trespass and issued with a 24 hour move on notice.

Mr Noakes said The West was not upholding the democratic values they promised on the front page of Tuesday’s paper.

The front page of The West Australian. Source: Seven West Media

“[Seven West Media] have said they support free speech and peaceful demonstration at the doors of their building, and yet if we try and move in through the doors, we are due to get arrested, so that’s hardly the democratic spirit,” he said.   

Protester Shyam Druray was also arrested and charged with trespass. He demanded the media tell the truth about climate change and divulge any interests in the resource sector.

Greens MP Diane Evers attended the event and said she was pleased to see people peacefully protesting.

“I’m going to do my best to see that their voice gets heard…I’d like to see The West chat with a few people. I’d like to see a conversation,” she said.

Extinction Rebellion is planning to disrupt Perth on Friday at 8am, with protesters meeting at Elizabeth Quay.

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