Plan for more Mt Lawley paid parking causes stink

Mount Lawley local business owners have criticised the City of Stirling’s plan to convert more of the free parking spots in the area to paid parking.

This comes after the strategy was put forward at a council meeting in March of this year.

Mount Lawley Hardware owner Glen Stagg said the change would affect his business.

“I don’t think paid parking will encourage people to come to the area,” he said.

Local businesses in Mount Lawley

Mr Stagg said he had spoken to other shop and business owners and most were against the plan.

“We were hoping we could go to the council and get this restricted, as most of the business owners in Mount Lawley are against it,” he said.

“I will be contacting [the council] soon with my grievances.”

In the strategy outlined by the council, it was noted City of Stirling officers would communicate with affected stakeholders.

But Mount Lawley Subway shop owner Steven Hall and Mr Stagg said they found out about the strategy through a newspaper article.

“It’s an issue for us because people don’t want to pay for parking,” Mr Hall said.

“[Drivers] then encroach on our car park, which is free, because it’s private, and then our customers can’t get in our car parks to spend the money with us.”

Mr Stagg said he believed the council was going to remove two parking bays to put the parking meters in.

679 Beaufort st

“This will be over 20 car bays that we have lost [from] the council redoing the area,” he said.

Under the plan, paid parking in Mount Lawley will be implemented in public car parks on Field street and parts of Beaufort street.

Parking will be at a rate of $2.00 an hour, with the first hour free.

Mr Stagg said he was worried about the future of Mount Lawley.

“We need to encourage people to come to the area,” Mr Stagg said.

The City of Stirling was contacted for comment, but did not respond in time for publication.

Western Independent spoke to people in Mount Lawley about the introduction of more paid parking in the area.