Free parking plan for South Perth foreshore


Introduction of one-hour-free-parking is being considered for a 600-metre stretch along the South Perth foreshore on either side of the ferry jetty.

A report produced by City of South Perth officials proposes that parking be made free for the first hour along the South Perth Esplanade from Harper Terrace west to Queen Street, a distance of more than half-a-kilometre.

Photo: City of South Perth agenda briefing papers for March 21 meeting of council

In addition, first-hour-free-parking would be introduced in two areas to the direct east and west of the South Perth ferry jetty, as pictured, left.

The free parking plan follows a petition from Mends Street News and Supplies operators Hazel and Paul Noble, on behalf of the Mends Street commercial business community, that sought an urgent fix to parking problems.

The petition had 439 signatures, and Western Independent yesterday contacted Mr and Ms Noble for comment.

At present, along the north side of the Esplanade to Queen Street, motorists can park for an unlimited time for $2.40 an hour from 8am to 6pm. Parking is free outside those times. Under the planned changes, the north side of the Esplanade to Queen Street would be restricted to a maximum four-hour parking, with the first hour free.

In the SPE3 area, pictured above, there is a mix of one-hour ticket parking from 9am to 5.30pm between Monday and Friday, closest to the ferry stop, and further to the west a four-hour limit between 9am and 5.30pm on Mondays to Sundays.

In the SPE4 area, pictured above, the parking situation is the same, except for a two-hour limit the further you get east from the jetty.

The city’s engineering infrastructure manager Les Croxford and governance and administration manager Phil McQue, who wrote the report, estimated the one-hour-free parking trial would cost the city $150,000 a year.

South Perth city councillors are slated to debate Messrs Croxford’s and McQue’s one-hour-free parking plan at a meeting on March 28.

Photo of South Perth foreshore: Chris Thomson

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