Couple rattled after car crashes into house

A young couple has been left rattled after a car crashed through the bedroom of their home on Wednesday evening.an2a9226

The driver of a silver sedan lost control while trying to avoid two motorbikes on Congdon Ave and crashed into the house in Beeliar, south of Perth.

Police said the driver, in his mid-20s, had been drinking at a friend’s house on the same street.

Home owners Caitie Ramsay, 22, and Luke St Jack, 23, who bought the home just three months ago, were on their way to the airport to pick up a friend at the time, but had been standing in the room just 20 minutes earlier.

“If Luke didn’t come to the airport, he goes to bed early so he would have been right there watching TV,” Ms Ramsay said.

Emergency services were on the scene before the couple arrived home. The driver was taken to hospital in an ambulance with minor injuries.

Assessing the damage on Thursday morning, Ms Ramsay said she was still trying to come to terms with the incident.

“It’s one of those days where you wake up and go, ‘was that a really f**ked up dream, is this real life?’an2a9243

“We’ve done the right thing trying to set up our lives then ‘bang’, literally.”

For Luke, the accident added insult to injury because he was still getting over his football club’s loss in a country league grand final last weekend.

“I’ve had a bad week. We (Mt Barker) lost the grand final by three points last weekend, now this, my long weekend gone,” Mr St Jack said.

“I’m meant to be down in Margaret River fishing and having beers right now.”

Ms Ramsay said there was one positive to be taken from the incident.

“There was a horrible bird bath there that he managed to clean up, so that’s okay,” Ms Ramsay said.

Major Crash investigators were on the scene again today.

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