Lathlain residents rally to rehome Cockatoos

Lathlain residents have called for a tree canopy to be established at the old Lathlain Carlisle Bowling Club to provide a new nesting area for endangered black cockatoos.

Residents said cockatoo numbers had been reduced after 98 mature trees surrounding Lathlain Oval were cut down as part of  the construction of the West Coast Eagles’ new training headquarters.

Lathlain resident and “Help Rebuild Lathlain Park” Facebook member Anita Treasure said the football club’s plan to replenish the canopy over three to four years with 650 jacaranda trees was not a viable option.

“We have said this is ridiculous. It is a non-sustainable tree that only attracts pest birds and is of no natural value whatsoever,” she said.

Ms Treasure said residents wanted the Lathlain Carlisle Bowling Club to be transformed into a botanical haven for the birds.

“Because no cockatoo count was done between 2011 and 2015, the Council said that justified evidence that the roost doesn’t exist so therefore they could take the trees out,” Ms Treasure said.

“The community have taken it into their own hands to monitor the cockatoo count and found they have dispersed quite widely across the area.

“We have had sightings in Carlisle and Kewdale; areas where they were not common.”

Town of Victoria Park chief executive officer Anthony Vuleta said the redevelopment of the bowling club had not yet been considered.

“Council resolved in 2015 for the site of the former Lathlain Carlisle Bowling Club to remain as public open space,” Mr Vuleta said.

“The future use of the site is being discussed with the community as part of the development of the Management Plan for Lathlain Park.”



Source: Rondhha Potter