360 thrill seekers to jump from QVI tower

If you wander down Hay St during the next three days, you might well spot someone jumping off the QVI building.

Scott Beazley. Photo: Eleri Teesalu.

Scott Beazley. Photo: Eleri Teesalu.

But never fear, these thrill seekers are abseiling or zip-lining as part of a charity fundraiser for Princess Margaret Hospital.

PMH head of marketing Janmarie Michie said the event would hopefully raise $500,000 for the hospital.

“This is our twelfth abseiling event we have done, but the first time we are abseiling off the QVI building,” she said.

“It has been very easy to find people to do it.

“We went on sale end of January and we were sold out by mid February. There are 360 people either abseiling or zip lining.”

Each jumper is also seeking sponsors for their jump.

Scott Beazley, the first person to zip line off QVI as part of the event, said he had several reasons for taking part.

“My cousin passed away a few years ago. He had a lot of help from PMH as he was going through cancer,” he said.

“I also have a niece who suffers from Dandy Walker disease, so she is getting a lot of help through PMH for that too.”

Jason Dinning, who abseiled from the tower, said some level of craziness was required to jump of a perfectly good building.

“I am actually scared of heights,” he said.

The PMH foundation has already raised about $450,000 from the event, which ends on Saturday.