Wear blue to help men feeling blue

West Australians are being urged to wear blue to work today in a bid to end the silent suffering of men with mental health issues in the workplace.

Blue Shirt Wednesday is a volunteer-run organisation lead by Nick Hudson that aims to raise the awareness of men’s mental health by wearing blue on October 7.

Amberlee Laws from mental health organisation Act-Belong-Commit said many men found it difficult to discuss their mental health.

“Men are definitely much worse at opening up about their feelings than women,” Miss Laws said.

“Women do find it easier to talk to their friends and family about any how they’re feeling and if they are having any problems in their lives.

“Men seem to still have this ‘tough-guy’ image that they feel they need to stick to and so are less likely to talk to someone about mental illness.”

One workplace backing Blue Shirt Wednesday is Belmont business Joyland Print Finishing, Boxes and Puzzles.

“I just feel that this is a great idea and just what these stubborn men need,” owner Anne Dickinson said.

“Everyone here enjoyed coming to work today for Blue Shirt Wednesday and the fact that it also addresses a real problem that our men in Australia are facing is fantastic.”

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