‘Brave’ teen saves brother from house fire

A Camillo teenager has been hailed a hero after smashing her way into a burning home to save her six-year-old brother from the inferno.

The blaze started just before 4am and gutted the Huxley Court house, causing an estimated $250,000 damage.

One neighbour said it was the second fire at the property in the past five years.

The family of six, who lived at the house, escaped without serious injury after the teenage girl smashed a bedroom window to free her younger brother.

She was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital with cuts to her arms and her parents were treated at hospital for smoke inhalation.

A John Ambulance spokesman said three other children were treated at the scene by paramedics, but did not require ambulance transport.

Neighbour Jackie Darwin said she called 000 after hearing cries for help.

“About 3.45am this morning, I heard a panicky shout, and then a banging on the door. My next door neighbour shouted ‘Jackie, ring the fire brigade!’,” Ms Darwin said.

“When I looked out of the window…the flames were coming out of the kitchen windows.”

Ms Darwin, who has known the family for more than 30 years, said she comforted the children in her lounge room after their escape.

“The children were covered in soot, their little faces were black, as if it were painted on,” she said.

“The mum and dad got the two youngest boys out of the house.

“The daughter, who’s a teenager, 14 or 15 years old, broke a window to get her brother out.

“She couldn’t see a way out as the smoke was so thick.

“She cut her arms. She’s a very brave little girl.”

Ms Darwin said it was not the first time she had called the fire brigade to the property, citing another blaze when previous tenants lived at the house.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services said firefighters had attended an accidental house fire in Huxley Court in 2010 but would not confirm the exact address.

The police arson squad is investigating today’s fire, but WA Police Media declined to provide additional comment.

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