Speed camera van visibility trial

Speed camera vans will become more noticeable from today under a new trial by WA Police Minister Liza Harvey.

The trial will see magnetic strips placed onto vehicles to see if increased visibility will change driver behaviour.

Five fixed cameras already operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and Mrs Harvey says people have been slowing down.

Western Australian Police statistics show 107 road deaths so far this year with 51 in the metropolitan area and 56 in country areas, plus 121 critical injuries.

About 85 per cent of people killed in high speed crashes in WA were male, with about half of males killed aged between 17 and 24 years.

Mrs Harvey says the success of the trial will be judged from the reaction from the public.

“I expect we will get some community feedback and we’ll get some feedback from the camera operators as well,” she said.

“The camera operators do feed back to us and tell us if they’ve had adverse events if you like.

“It is an offence to assault a camera operator and we have actually had some operators have people yell at them and thump on their vehicles and that sort of thing.”

Mrs Harvey says cameras are placed where there is a road safety issue.

She says she expects making the vans and cameras more visible will be welcomed by the public.