Life after the fires

Not long after the town of Northcliffe in Western Australia’s Southwest was seriously threatened by massive bushfires in February, locals started picking up the pieces.

As Northcliffe remained on emergency alert for about a week, it had looked like the small country town, Population 412, might be destroyed.

But, despite 98,000 hectares of land being burnt, and a house and several sheds going up in flames, the town pulled through.

Local volunteer firefighter Peter Hill said Northcliffe would recover quickly because the residents were strong.

“Last year, there was a book that got published called ‘The town that wouldn’t die’, which kind of sums up the attitude of Northcliffe,” Mr Hill said.

“People are resilient.”

Three months after the fires, InkWire travelled to Northcliffe to see how Mr Hill, Chris Flynn whose tin boat was destroyed, and dairy farmers Wally and Julie Bettink who had kilometres of fences to fix, were getting on with life.


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