Butler picks up bad vibrations from train line

Butler residents have lodged a petition with State Parliament and taken to Facebook to air grievances about the noise and vibrations caused by the new Butler Train Station.

The Butler Train Line Noise For Surrounding Suburbs group on Facebook details complaints by residents who claim to have had their sleep disturbed by the noise and vibration.

The group claims residents were told sub-ballast matting would be installed under the railway line to minimise vibration in the surrounding homes.

“Ultimately, the project came in $20 million under budget, but the promised sub-ballast matting was not installed in the most densely populated area next to the line, where the train runs right next to homes,” the group said on its Facebook page.


Local resident Bernadette Mills posted to the group yesterday, claiming her five-year-old child was unable to sleep because of the vibrations.

“It is effecting us greatly; sleep, property value, stress, energy to work and study,” she said.

But some residents were not so worried about the noise.

“They’ll have teething problems like anything but they’ll certainly get over it” local resident Bryan Staines said.

“It sounded like thunder… I’ve certainly noticed it, but it’s something you would get used to.”

Mr Staines said he was looking forward to catching the new train into the city. He said the new station was an asset to the community.

Traffic controller Ryan Clayton, who works for a company that was contracted to help buses into the station, said the new station had been quiet since it opened. He said he thought this would soon change.

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