Arson suspected


April 17, 2013

A public art piece, due to go on show tomorrow as part of the Fremantle Street Arts Festival, was destroyed this morning in a suspected arson attack.

‘The Hollow’ was a large pyramid structure made from recyclable materials, located at the entrance to Kings Square, on the corner of High and Queen streets.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services media liaison Russel Jones said the fire started about 5.30am and caused an estimated $10,000 damage.

Mr Jones said there had been unconfirmed reports a female had left the scene shortly after the fire started.

Remnants of 'The Hollow'

A City of Fremantle media release said a police forensic team was collecting evidence on site today and CCTV footage had been given to police to aid their investigation.

Fremantle Street Arts Festival director Alex Marshall said he felt for the artists, but he would not let the act of vandalism affect the festival.

“For someone to do this on the eve of the street arts festival is just appalling,” Mr Marshall said.

“My heart goes out to the talented artists who worked many hours to conceptualise and then produce what was an exceptional piece of public art.”

Market stall owner Eve Regnaud said she saw three fire trucks hosing the area when she arrived to set up at Kings Square this morning.

She she also saw the artists visit the destroyed piece.

She said they had been visibly upset and had laid a bouquet of roses near their damaged work.

“We saw them last week, putting it together,” Ms Regnaud said.

“It took a long time and was very involved.”

The City of Fremantle has asked anyone who saw suspicious activity around Kings Square this morning to contact police.

Photo: Stephanie McGann

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