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November 25, 2013

Step aside, Barbie; a new generation of doll is making a name for itself around the world in the doll-collecting scene.

Ball-jointed dolls, also known as BJDs, have slowly been gaining popularity and are now highly sought after avid adult doll collectors and enthusiasts.

Produced mainly in South Korea, Japan and China, the dolls are made of French resin and made to look very much like a real human.

What sets this doll apart from the rest is the endless possibility for the collector to customise their doll to their own liking and creativity.

From head to toe, everything can be restyled and remodelled as parts of the doll can easily be removed and replaced.

It is this transformable element of the doll that got Jason Saradetch, a fashion, beauty and bridal stylist of 22 years, attracted and hooked on collecting the dolls.

Saradetch has a collection of more than 1000 dolls in his room, many still in their original boxes.

As a professional makeup artist and stylist, Saradetch explained how this hobby is an extension of what he does and it gives him new inspirations and ideas to work on future clients.

“It’s like doing makeup and hair but on a smaller scale,” he said.

“I can also experiment with different look and styles without hindrance.

“It inspires me with regards to makeup and hair for my brides and clients as it gives me different perspectives and encourages me to think out of the box.”

There is a large community dedicated to ball-jointed dolls around the world, including in Australia.

Although the number of BJD enthusiasts is small in Perth, they can share information and ideas through online forums such as Paracosm, which help promote and expand the BJD community throughout Australia.

Saradetch described his hobby as expensive as it could cost up to $1000 just for the basic doll without any costumes. He said it was difficult to find the dolls in Perth, as the local market is small.

He said he had bought most of his BJDs online from such sites as Ebay but the dolls took one to two months for it to arrive.

Most people view dolls as a toy for children to play with or they think of doll collectors to mainly consists of women, as it is not normal to hear a guy having an interest in dolls.

But Saradetch says everyone to have his or her own personal identity.

“Well, at my age, I do not care what other people think about me and my hobby,” he said.

“Every one is different.

“What I do as a hobby requires a person of artistic flair and foresight and not anyone can do it.”

Photos: Muhammad Fakhruradzi Ismail

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