'Cool, controlled Rayney'


October 19, 2012

Accused murderer Lloyd Rayney today epitomised the very essence of the prosecution’s case against him: a calm, collected man not prone to impulsive, emotional acts.

Mr Rayney and his daughter Sarah (both pictured) entered a packed courtroom in the WA Supreme Court this morning.

He sat stony-faced as the prosecution presented a case summary largely built around circumstantial evidence and alleged motive.

The prosecution told the court to not place too much weight on medical and forensic evidence but instead on motive and the weight of circumstantial evidence, including the breakdown of Mr Rayney’s marriage and his conduct after wife Corryn Rayney went missing in August 2007.

In arguing that Mr Rayney attacked his wife in their Como home on the night of her disappearance, prosecutor John Agius said there were no witnesses but that the circumstantial evidence was “damning”.

“We have no witnesses but we have the circumstances [and] the beauty of the circumstances is they are fixed,” Ms Agius said.

“They do not lie.”

Mr Rayney’s controlled personality and history of non-violence were used by the prosecution to argue the charge of wilful murder.

The prosecution alleged Mr Rayney could not have acted in a fit of rage during an argument but rather he had acted in a calculated manner to murder Ms Rayney and dispose of her body in Kings Park.

“This is a man who acts in a considered way, who is in control of his actions and wanted to stay in control,” Mr Agius said.

The prosecution also argued Mr Rayney’s conduct after his wife went missing was “deflective” and “inconsistent”.

Mr Aguis claimed Mr Rayney’s decision to conceal from police a recording device that contained audio of his wife discussing financial issues showed a consciousness of guilt.

Justice Brian Martin used today’s summary proceeding to once again criticise the WA police for having early on named Mr Rayney as the only suspect in the case.

Mr Rayney’s defence team was due to present its final summary to the Supreme Court today.

Photo: Tom Rabe

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