30 shades of red


October 18, 2012

Move over blondes and brunettes, red-heads are bringing sexy back this Summer.

More women are ignoring the common ‘ranga’, ‘carrot top’ and ‘fanta pants’ taunts, and embracing the bold and attention-grabbing hair colour.

Sachi For Hair senior stylist Claire Veasey has noticed an increasing number of clients asking to go red in her salon.

“More clients are open to trying more vibrant colours than they have been in the past,” Veasey said.

“Red and copper will be focal fashion tones this Summer.”

Hair Therapy Professional stylist Aleisha Hicks said there had also been an influx of women in her salon requesting different shades of red.

“Compared to two years ago, way more of our clients are going for red hair,” Hicks said.

“It is definitely in fashion.”

Veasey said clients who went for the colour were usually boisterous and loud.

“They want to be noticed,” she said.

“The colour makes them feel super sexy.”

Veasey said there were 30 key shades of red dye commonly used.

“We use the ones we find are most attractive and adaptable to our clients wants,” she said.

“From an eye-popping-candy red to a deep-luxury red or any shade in between.”


There has never been a better time to have naturally red hair, according to fashion illustrator Georgina McKay.

“The colour has confidence and who doesn’t want to be confident this Summer?” McKay said.

Natural ginger Courtney Robertson embraces her fashionable locks and says there are many benefits of having red hair.

“The colour screams ‘action, passion, independence and power’,” Ms Robertson said.

“My hair is an identifying feature when I’m being talked about.

“Saying ‘the girl over there with the red hair’ is an easy way to narrow down the field.”

McKay said natural colours suit most clothing, but this coming season fashion-conscious folk should focus on colour.

“Block colours are in for Summer and natural reds can wear them with ease,” she said.

“Their hair is so rich in its own colour that it will compliment the other colours of the outfit and make the ensemble stand out.”


McKay said that animal prints were making their way back into women’s wardrobes and were complemented by crimson hair tones.

“Leopard print has made a comeback and works well with darker shades of red hair,” she said

“Add a bright lipstick to a dress with a touch of leopard and dark jewellery for evening wear.”

Victoria Moody has recently made the switch from blonde to a strawberry tone and is loving the change.

“It brings out the blush in my cheeks more,” Ms Moody said.

McKay said the subtle shade allowed for more room to accessorise loudly.

“It is easier to pull off oversized, bright necklaces and bangles that are starting to fill stores,” she said.

McKay said floral materials suited lighter red tones.

“This colour, and floral patterns go hand in hand,” she said.

“It will be a popular Summer look.”

Although luscious shades of red locks are in trend, Aleisha Hicks warns that it is high maintenance.

“The colour fades easily, so you need to commit and get it touched up regularly,” she said.

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