Frozen treat and a flick


June 5, 2012

A new frozen yoghurt shop at Warwick in Perth’s north offers a modern space for tasty treats and a place to showcase local artists.

Nerida Cottrell who owns The MiX said the business offered healthy food and was bringing community back to the area.

“We originally were thinking of just yoghurt but once we found the location, we were very excited to what we could offer with coffee, tea, food, board games, internet, entertainment and art,” Mrs Cottrell said.

“It is great to see grandparents coming in and eating frozen yoghurt with their grandchildren and then relax afterward playing a board game.”

The shop is located next to the Warwick Grand Cinemas and is open from Tuesday through to Sunday until late.

Barista and café hand Josh Andrews said one of the main goals for the staff was for customers to leave the shop feeling happier than when they walked in.

“We encourage everyone that comes in to feel relaxed and happy with their time in our shop,” Mr Andrews said.

Local customer Matthew Wood said the MiX had a great urban feel perfect for relaxing with a coffee and some yoghurt before the movies.

“There are a wide variety of yoghurts for you to choose from and not to mention they all taste great,” Mr Wood said.

“I think the only thing that would be a turn off for this business is the fact that you can’t bring your yoghurts or drinks into the cinema.”

In bad news for sweet-toothed movie buffs, Inkwire can confirm that customers are not allowed to bring snacks from the MiX into the cinemas.

The MiX offers 10 per cent off between 3pm and 4pm for school children, 50% off frozen yoghurt soft serve on Tuesday between 6pm and 8pm and live entertainment for an hour on Wednesday nights.

Photos: Jodie Ng

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